Why do you need to have a Netflix subscription? not because of FOMO or Netflix and chill…


What’s the one thing that helps you break the ice? Movies man. And nowadays TV shows.

Including me, Every person on Earth had no other choice but to watch a movie or TV show at home during these days because we can’t go out.

And a nice movie, I mean a really nice movie, can help you feel much more calmer and less depressed.

I am dead serious. Sure you can’t solve your troubles by watching Game of Thrones or The Haunting of Hill House. But times like these, your priority should be good health and mental peace. Don’t compromise on this. Ever. 🙏🏻

Coming back to the topic. Netflix is the best platform out there that is filled with movies, shows, and documentaries.

The best part is streaming movies and TV shows can connect you with others.

Watch different genres and try to be part of the conversation where people are discussing a movie or a TV show. You will feel lighter and satisfied after sharing your opinion on a movie or TV show on Reddit and Facebook groups.

On top of that, watching movies and TV shows allow you be more curious about things that you have no clue about.

For instance…

  • Dragons from Game of Thrones
  • Artificial Intelligence from IronMan
  • Good deeds from Daredevil
  • Wittiness from Better Call Saul (umm.. not really, it’s more like bad wits lol)

You get it, right?

I mean I have become curious about many things just by watching movies and tv shows, even the weird ones. I am sure you have become curios about something just by watching movies and tv shows.

Do mention 1 thing that you are curious about or start taking interest in after watching it on Netflix or anywhere rlse.

Please share your thoughts.

Have a nice weekend. 💪🏻




I share life lessons from TV shows that you are watching.

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Sameed Ajax

Sameed Ajax

I share life lessons from TV shows that you are watching.

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