Stop using Twitter for 1 whole day-I bet you can’t! That’s the main problem

I took a week off from work because I was insanely burnt out. This hasn’t happened to me before.

Maybe it is due to the stupid pandemic where I can no longer roam around freely or go to a different city to clear my mental space.

But there was still something nagging me, the ultimate addiction to be on Twitter all the time. I think I check my Twitter most times of the day. Why do you ask? Because I don’t watch TV so Twitter is my only source of what’s hot or trending in my country right now.

Turns out, I am more depressed and have anxiety than I previously imagined. Just because of Twitter.

Not only I was feeling low and dragged, there is nothing good happening in the world. Everywhere I see someone getting killed, places flooded, angry tweets, and on and on.

Usually I am pretty good with digital detoxification and can leave my phone for hours.

I can’t delete Twitter because my work forces me to use it. And I really do have a love/hate relationship with this application. My relationship turned completely hateful when I heard about doom-scrolling.

As crazy as it sounds, doom-scrolling is when you are lying in your bed and using Twitter before going to sleep. Yup that’s prettyyyyy common but this lousy habit was making me depressed. I was searching for something good on Twitter but lately haven’t found anything.

I have a don’t-take-your-phone-to-bed rule but I limit my Twitter activity to Zero unless I am searching for a person to interview or just in a good mood.

Key takeaways:

Looking to live a good life? Try doing what we did in the 90s. No news is good news. Twitter is a bad habit just like smoking so try to reduce your daily dosage.

How to do it:

Set 1 day from the whole week as a No-Twitter day. If you are someone who uses Twitter for work, choose a weekend. If not, then Thursday works fine.




I share life lessons from TV shows that you are watching.

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Sameed Ajax

Sameed Ajax

I share life lessons from TV shows that you are watching.

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