Few things you don’t need in your life-Trust me you will feel tons better without this

If you are like me (find it difficult to focus and easily distracted), you have to remove some habits from your life.

I mean it.

In 2012 when the world is supposed to end, I was super confused about my life. My goal. My dream. My direction. In short, I was a mess and Only I can help myself. At least I was right about this part.

So I decided to make some tough changes in my life. Create a voice in my head that will guide me before I make a stupid decision.

On that point, I started removing a few bad things from my life completely and promised to never look at them again until I make something out of myself.

Without any further ado, here are some (bad) habits that I stopped abruptly without a second thought.

#1 Watching TV

You might think weekends are for TV, sports, or taking it slow, but I suggest getting rid of your cable subscription. Use your television for PlayStation or Netflix only.

I use to watch TV all the time and thought, Wow I am so smart and I bet my friends didn’t know this. I was very very wrong and stupid.


Turns out, I was not learning anything practical like how to give a speech, or nail an interview, or how to communicate with someone who have nothing in common with me.

That’s why you need to stop watching TV. Go to Twitter or Google alerts for keeping up with the latest news.

#2 Spending time with people with no ambition

Sorry for being so humble, I mean losers.

I read a quote somewhere, “You can waste your whole life just be spending time with no goals or ambition.”

And this quote hit me like a train. Like Mike Tyson’s punch. Because their loser mentality was rubbing off on me, their no-goal-have-fun life goal will not take then anywhere unless they are rich.

So obviously I had to make a choice.

And I did.

I started ignoring all my (loser) friends and prefer enjoying my time alone because that’s the only way I can upgrade my life.

It was hard at first because some of then were super cool and funny. But I was on a downward spiral and I decided to be my own parent.

When will you start?

If you are reading this on Medium then chances are you don’t watch much TV and have smart friends. Therefore, this is for those 5 or 10% who were like me.

Hope you enjoy reading my honest transformation.

Jot down your life changing habit below. I am curious.




I share life lessons from TV shows that you are watching.

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Sameed Ajax

Sameed Ajax

I share life lessons from TV shows that you are watching.

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